Our Mission
SheFinds is the destination where women are inspired to treat themselves. We are committed to making women feel good with fun, approachable editorial coverage of fashion & beauty news, daily finds, life hacks and style tips, and more.


Our motto is “Life Stage, Not Age.” Our audience is always engaged and socially active with passion at every vertical:
Fashion, Beauty, Weddings and Lifestyle.


Discovery: Our readers are on the hunt for the newest fashion and beauty products, the latest trends and collaborations and expert how-tos and tutorials.


Daily Sales Feed: As the go-to source for online sales and deals, our click-to-buy site takes the stress out of the splurge. It’s Cyber Monday every day on SheFinds.


Honesty: Our site is written by real women for real women. Our content reminds our readers that every woman deserves to treat herself.


Editorial Flexibility: Our editors are able to work with brands–without red tape–to execute custom programs.

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Our team

Justine Schwartz

Editorial Director

Justine Schwartz is a veteran women's lifestyle editor; she's written extensively about style & beauty tips, health advice and wedding planning for more than a decade. Her work has appeared in New York Magazine, Huffington Post and New York Weddings. Justine has been with SheFinds since 2010; you can reach her via email at Justine@shefinds.com.

Merrell Readman

Associate Editor

Merrell Readman is an Associate Editor at SheFinds Media. When she isn't trying out new recipes and making a mess of the kitchen, she can be found covering the latest on wellness, beauty, fashion and celebrity news. You can reach Merrell at merrell@shefinds.com.

Alisha Stacy

Marketing Manager, Contributing Editor

Alisha Stacy creates compelling branded content for SheFinds--on behalf of clients as our marketing manager, and e-commerce posts as a contributor to the editorial team. She covers the latest in fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. You can reach her at alisha@shefinds.com.

Morgan Maloney

Creative Services Coordinator

Morgan Maloney handles all things creative for SheFinds. She's a skilled photographer and graphic designer who can make anything look beautiful. Morgan also runs the SheFinds Instagram account. You can reach Morgan at morgan@shefinds.com.





What are your editorial policies?


At SheFinds media, we only write good reviews about stuff we like. Our writers and editors find products many different ways: by browsing the web, walking around our favorite stores, attending press events, sorting through solicited and unsolicited product samples, actually buying stuff and any other ways we can.


Accepting products:


We do accept samples from brands and PR firms–sometimes we ask for a specific product, and sometimes samples are entirely unsolicited. If we try and like the product, we’ll write about it, but we don’t guarantee coverage in exchange for products.


Sponsored content:


You’ll see sponsored content and sweepstakes on many areas of the site; this is the only way to guarantee coverage. All sponsored content is labeled as such. For details about sponsorship opportunities and pricing, email sales@shefinds.com.


Affiliate links:


Many of the links to products we feature are affiliate and pay-per-click links; if a reader clicks through and buys
something, SheFinds shares in the revenue. We do not choose products based upon whether they are sold by a retailer in our affiliate/PPC network. Instead, our writers choose what products they want to feature independently, and editors add affiliate links later if the products are available at one of the retailers in our affiliate network. If the product is not available at an affiliate, we don’t make money from the link.


How can I advertise on SheFinds?


Click here to view our media kit. You can also email sales@shefinds.com with sponsorship inquiries.


What is your revenue model?


SheFinds has a multi-stream revenue model, which includes commissions on sales, on-site advertising, newsletter
advertising, and spokesperson agreements.


How can I contact SheFinds?

By email: sales@shefinds.com

By mail: 121 W. 27th Street, New York, NY 10001

By phone: (212) 918-1953