4 Lean Crockpot Recipes You Should Make This Week To Kick Start Fat Loss

November 7, 2021 by Olivia Avitt
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Weight loss can sometimes feel like a very elusive process—there are so many platforms, influencers, and brands that claim they have the key to success in their programs, pills, or meal plans. You may see that one friend on Facebook who seems to have shed all of her extra baby weight in a month, and you may be tempted to follow the carefully described program that she described in a lengthy post after dozens of comments begging for her “secret.” But the truth of the matter is that what works for someone else may not work for you, and it can be easy to just give up when it feels like weight loss is nearly impossible. 


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However, according to Katelyn Greenleaf, Registered Dietitian, MSH, AFAA, and founder of NuLeaf Nutrition, the answers you’re looking for may be simpler than you think. “The biggest recommendation when it comes to weight loss is finding something sustainable.  The problem with a lot of fad diets out there is that they will get people to their goal, but people cannot maintain their results once they are at their goal weight because it is not long term sustainable.” If you’re getting too caught up in fad diets, intricate workout plans, or anything else that adds stress to your life, it may be a sign that it’s not working out. 

“Another recommendation is avoiding diets that cut out a particular food group. You will see fad diets cut out carbs, cut out fat, or overemphasize protein. The problem with those diets is that when a food group is cut out, you are going to miss out on key nutrients that the missing food group provides,” she says, “For example, if you cut out dairy, you must have a backup plan for where you will get your calcium and Vitamin D. If you cut out carbs, you will likely feel extremely low energy, since carbs are the easiest macronutrient to convert into energy.” 

Besides keeping it simple and focusing on including nutrient dense foods, Greenleaf also emphasizes the importance of planning ahead as a resource for weight loss. “Planning ahead does not have to require hours and hours of food prep on weekends; however, it does require thinking ahead and prioritizing nutrition. One of the topics I cover with my one on one clients is how to practically plan ahead for meals in a way that fits their busy lifestyle.” 

Slow cooker recipes are a great way to plan ahead, especially in the colder seasons. You can pack a lot of nutrient dense veggies into one meal—and better yet, you can toss them all into a pot, set your slow cooker on a low setting, and go about your day so that your dinner is ready when you get home. It’s also very versatile, there are endless recipes you can try, vegetables you can mix, and spices you can throw in. Greenleaf shared four slow cooker recipes from one of the meal plans offered through NuLeaf that you can try at home this winter season to kickstart a sustainable weight loss journey. They all have the same, simple instructions, but different ingredients so you can spice up your meal prep!

Pot Roast

3 Carrots (peeled and chopped)

1 lb of small red potatoes (cut and halved) 

2 3 lb beef chuck roast 

1 pack of Lipton onion soup mix 

1-2 cups of water 

Mojo Shredded Pork

1 package of pork 

Mojo sauce 

Optional seasonings: garlic, onion 

Optional vegetables: chopped onion, bell peppers 

Mexican Shredded Chicken

1 package of chicken 

½-1 container of salsa

1-2 cups of water

Optional seasonings: cumin, paprika, chili powder 

Marinara Chicken

1 package of chicken

½-1 container of marinara sauce 

1-2 cups of water 

Optional seasonings: garlic, oregano, Italian 

1-2 tomatoes (chopped)

Instructions for All: 

Place meat, veggies, and starch in pot 
Add optional seasonings
Pour recommended sauce on meat
Add enough water so the meat is mostly covered
Cook on low for 6-8 hours or on high for 4-6 hours 

Author: Olivia Avitt

Olivia is a writer+content creator that has written about a wide range of subjects including health, beauty, relationships, culture, and music. When she's not working, you can find her perusing coffee shops, reading predictable romance novels, or catching up on reality TV. You can reach her via email at

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