This Is The Most Effective Low-Impact Workout For Weight Loss, According To Trainers

November 12, 2021 by Merrell Readman
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It’s no secret that a regular exercise routine is one of the cornerstones of achieving healthy weight loss. From running to yoga and weight training, there are options for people of all fitness levels and interests that don’t have to feel like a chore. But what should you be doing on those days where you want to get your sweat on without putting major pressure on your joints or exerting large amounts of energy?

Low impact workouts are great for helping build up muscle while burning fat, and it’s important to remember that low impact does not equate to low intensity, meaning you’ll still have to put in effort in order to see the results you’re looking for. We checked in with VFit Studio’s Shari Roberson Belmarez, E-RYT 500, YACEP, ACSM CPT to get the rundown on the best low impact workout that doesn’t require you to run miles on end in order to lose weight. This is what she had to say.

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Cardio will always require you to exert yourself to a point of raising your resting heart rate in order to be effective, but this does not have to entail the jumping around of a HIIT workout if that doesn’t appeal to you. Instead, a workout like Barre can help to tone your muscles through a slower, more intentional workout that will leave you sweating and challenge your strength. “You can get the same cardio related health benefits with low impact as you can with high impact,” notes Belmarez of this particular form of exercise. “And because it is low impact, it is easier on your joints so you will be able to exercise for longer durations and with less time needed to rest and recover. This is also a benefit to anyone who lives with chronic pain.”

Gaining popularity back in the 70's and 80’s, Barre is a fan favorite form of exercise for weight loss, and for good reason. “Barre is amazing for smaller muscle groups, stamina and strengthening your core. In VFit’s “Tabata Barre-dio” class, we pulse instead of resting between intervals, sometimes doing the traditional 20/10, and sometimes changing it to 40/20 or as used below 60/30,” explains Belmarez. By reducing the rest time between exercises, this will help to keep your heart rate up even though you’re not necessarily working at the highest intensity possible. 

As for how frequently you should be incorporating Barre into your week to see results, Belmarez suggests 5 days a week for a minimum of 30 minutes. “You should begin to see noticeable differences within 4 to 6 weeks of consistent exercise, but you may begin to feel better much sooner,” she adds. And it doesn’t have to make a dent on your wallet either. In fact, many Barre exercises can be performed at home with no equipment, making it an accessible exercise for those who aren’t comfortable or interested in going to the gym.



Belmarez pulled together a 30+ minute, low impact Barre-inspired workout to incorporate into your workout journey (and torch some calories!) Follow along below:


2 min. Warm up: march, side twist punch, knee to opposite elbow, back kicks--30 sec each


1.5 min. Squat to stand for 1 min (reach arms forward as squat, pull in as stand)

Hold a low squat pulse for 30 sec. (hold hands in front of chest)


3 min. Right leg: lunge back, lift knee, kick forward for 1 min. (arms natural)

Hold right leg back, lunge pulse 30 sec. for added intensity lift R heel also

Repeat on left leg


3 min. Right leg: Plie passe to plie sweep right foot in front for 1 min (arms reach up on passe and push back on sweep)

Hold plie pulse for 30 sec (arms in front of chest)

Repeat on left leg


3 min. Right leg: curtsy and lift out to right side 1 min (arms raise to T at sides on side leg lift)

Curtsy pulse 30 sec (arms in front of chest)

Repeat on left leg


3 min. Right leg: side lunge push away to floating star for 1 min (arms reach down to side lunge and up for floating star)

Side lunge pulse for 30 sec.

Repeat on left leg


Repeat all from top one more time, for just over 30 min.



Author: Merrell Readman

Associate Editor

Merrell Readman is an Associate Editor at SheFinds Media. When she isn't trying out new recipes and making a mess of the kitchen, she can be found covering the latest on wellness, beauty, fashion and celebrity news. You can reach Merrell at

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