The One Product You Should NEVER Use Because It Causes Fine Lines & Wrinkles

November 6, 2018 by Justine Schwartz
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Just because a product is approved by the FDA, does not mean that it’s truly anti-aging. There are many factors that contribute to whether a product makes skin appear plumper and fuller (or, reversely, saggier and looser). Some ingredients that are added to popular products–drugstore and luxury, it doesn’t matter–may be technically safe for skin, but they can still be irritating, cause dryness or promote other processes that actually make your skin look older, not younger. These products can accelerate the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, too.

We sat down with renowned bi-coastal plastic surgeon Dr. T.Y Steven Ip to get the low down on which beauty products you should STOP using immediately.

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Anti-Aging Ingredients That Cause Fine Lines & Wrinkles

"There are many products in the market that target anti-aging, wrinkles, and fine lines," Dr. Ip, whose clients include reality TV stars Amanda Stanton (Bachelor in Paradise) and Jeana Keough (Real Housewives of Orange County), tells use. "But some may not know that there are ingredients in a number of products that can actually cause wrinkles and aging."

Yikes! Which are they?

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Chemicals in Sunscreens

"A major one is chemicals in sunscreens," Dr. Ip warns. You think that you are being proactive by protecting your skin from the sun's harmful rays (a must for anti-aging!) when in fact you are introducing chemicals that can be doing a number on your skin.

"Look out for oxybenzone, benzophenone-3, and octyl methoxycinnamate," he says. "These are actually FDA approved and commonly used, yet can cause damage to your skin. When they are broken down and absorbed into the skin they can boost the number of free radicals over time that cause aging and wrinkles."

This is a good reminder that FDA approval does not mean that a product can't cause visible signs of aging on your skin. To truly look and feel your best, you must educate yourself and read labels!


But that's not all. "Others to be wary of are DEA, MEA, and TEA, as these are known to be drying to the skin and hair," Dr. Ip continues. "They can also produce aging in the skin from possible allergic reactions, redness, and inflammation." Yikes! The trifecta of irritated skin.

"The last is mineral oil," Dr. Ip explains. Last but not least, this oil can be an especially irritating for skin, and thus, cause signs of aging.

Mineral Oil

"Mineral oil forms a film over the skin that is known to clog pores and can even prevent the skin from cleansing itself naturally. This can cause acne or irritate the skin, which ultimately causes fine lines and wrinkles to become more visible."

So, there you have it. Three important ingredients to check for on beauty labels. Tell us in the comments below--which anti-aging beauty products do YOU swear by?


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